CGSCF Board of Trustees

Mr. Douglass J. Adair, VP, Exchange National Bank & Trust [KS]

Mr. Pete Brownell, CEO, Brownells [IA]

Col. (USA Ret.) Tim Carlin, Financial Advisor, Edward Jones [KS]

Brig. Gen. (USA Ret.) Stanley F. Cherrie, VP, Cubic Applications, Inc. [KS]

Ms. Sheila J. Duffy, Founder and President of Greystones Group, LLC [VA]

Lt. Gen. (USA Ret.) Samuel Ebbesen, Pres./CEO, Omni Systems, Inc. [VA]

Ms. Mary Jean Eisenhower, Principal, MJ Eisenhower & Associates [MO]

Mr. Jeffrey O. Ellis, Attorney, Spencer, Fane, Britt & Browne, LLC [KS]

Mr. Kenneth Fisher, Chairman and CEO, Fisher House Foundation [NY]

Maj. Gen. (USA Ret.) Jerry C. Harrison, Vice President, SRI International [VA]

Mr. Monte Holm, Exec. Vice Chairman, World Financial Group Chairman’s Council [UT]

Col. (USA Ret.) Art Hurtado, Chairman/CEO, Invertix Corp. [VA]

Mr. Tedd Johnson, Founder, [CA]

Mr. James I. Mackay, Sr. Director of Investment Banking, Dewaay Financial Network [IA]

Lt. Col. (USA Ret.) Thomas O. Mason, Attorney, Cooley, LLP [Wash. DC]

Col. (USA Ret.) J. Dan McGowan, II, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Iowa [IA]

Mr. David J. McIntyre, Pres./CEO, TriWest Healthcare Alliance [CA]

Mr. Michael V. Meyer, Vice President for Programs, Salute to America’s Heroes [KS]

Col. (USA Ret.) Billy G. Murphy, Pres./CEO, Billy Murphy and Associates [KS]

Lt. Col. (USA Ret.) Robert J. Myers, Pres./CEO, Caseys General Stores [IA]

Mr. John Neafsey, President, JN Associates [CT]

Brig. Gen. (USA Ret.) Harold Nelson, former Chief of Military History, U.S. Army [VA]

Lt. Gen. (USA Ret.) John Otjen, former Commanding General, First United States Army and Fort Meade, MD [TN]

Mr. Steve W. Panknin, Executive Vice President, Country Club Bank [MO]

Lt. Gen (USA Ret.) John Pickler, Former Director of the Army Staff [TX]

Mr. Fred Polk, President, Iron Tree Research [KS]

Ms. Gabrielle Reilly, Founder/CEO, The Global Town Hall [KS]

Gen. (USA Ret.) William R. Richardson, Senior Associate, Burdeshaw Associates [VA]

Mr. John H. Robinson, Chairman, Hamilton Ventures, LLC [MO]

Mr. Florian Rothbrust, SR VP/Chief Logistics Officer, JE DUNN Construction [MO]

Mr. Rolf D. Snyder, President, The Real Estate Corporation [KS]

Maj. Gen. (USA Ret.) John F. Sobke, former Deputy Chief of Engineers [GA]

Mr. Richard Thawley, Pres./CEO, Provident Generation of America, Inc. [CA]

Mr. Gary Vogler, President, Howitzer Consulting [VA]

Brig. Gen. (USA Ret.) William A. West, President, William West Consulting [KS]

Mr. Richard F. Young, Welch & Forbes LLC [MA]


Note: [ XX] is the state of residence

Latest News


Former Foundation board president and noted entreprenuer to address CGSC class

Hyrum Smith, the noted entrepreneur and founder of the Franklin-Quest company, will speak to the assembled class of the Command and General Staff College on Feb. 4, in Eisenhower Hall of the Lewis and Clark Center on Fort Leavenworth.


Registration for 2015 Ethics Symposium opens

Registration for students and invited guests to the 2015 Fort Leavenworth Ethics Symposium is open. The 2015 Fort Leavenworth Ethics Symposium will be conducted April 20-23. This year’s theme is “The Professional Ethic and the State.”


Fort Leavenworth post access rules changing

In the coming months, unescorted Fort Leavenworth visitors and contractors who don’t have approved common access cards or Department of Defense identification cards will be required to park, get out of their vehicles and check-in at a new provisional visitor control center for required criminal background checks to gain entry to post.