CGSC Class of 1978 continues reunion tradition

CGSC Class of 1978 continues reunion tradition

CGSC Class of ’78 members and spouses gather in the main square of Castelnau-de-Montmiral, France during their class reunion in September 2017. (photo courtesy Tom Wakefield)

The international students of the CGSC Class of 1978 conducted their biannual reunion last September in Albi, France. Attendees at the reunion were:

  • Host/hostess Leonce and Anne-Marie Gintzburger (France)
  • Burkhart and Wiebke Franck (Germany)
  • Paul Georis (Belgium)
  • Bill and Sue Harvey (U.S.)
  • Eddie and Madeleine Heskin (Ireland)
  • Bjarne and Lili Hesselberg (Denmark)
  • George and Elisabeth Latham (UK/Scotland)
  • Svein Erik Lysgaard (Norway)
  • Adi and Friedl Radauer (Austria)
  • Heidi Sammet and son Goetz (Germany)
  • Tom and Nancy Wakefield (U.S.)

The biannual reunion of the class was started and has been maintained primarily by the international students of the class, although there is some participation by their U.S. classmates. This was their 20th reunion and they already have plans for their 21st in 2019 in Belgium hosted by Belgian classmate Paul Georis. The class not only gathers every two years, but they stay in touch each year.

“[We do] a Christmas Letter of Communication and have done so every year since graduation,” said class member Col. (Ret.) Tom Wakefield, who retired from Fort Leavenworth and attended the reunion this year. “Each family sends a letter to Adi Radauer, the unofficial secretary (and senior officer), telling about their activities for the year, which Adi compiles and sends out to all of us. And there is an effort by some of the children of the class (now adults) to get together via social media to continue to keep in touch with one another.”

The Class of 1978 is also responsible for the Maj. Gen. Hans Schlup Award that is presented to an international officer each year at graduation to recognize and promote the significance and importance of international relations developed through the network of friends and professional acquaintances at CGSC in the international military student community. Schlup was a member of the 1978 class. The award in his name was originally founded by Bill Harvey, a member of the class, and is now managed through an endowment by the CGSC Foundation. The fund now not only supports the award, but also other programs that support the international families at the College, including the Operation International programs of the Leavenworth/Lansing Area Chamber of Commerce and the Operation International Spouse Support program’s traditional U.S. Thanksgiving Day meal for internationals, their families, and their sponsors.

The class conducted their 17th reunion at Fort Leavenworth. See the story in the Spring 2012 edition of the Foundation News.

Editor’s Note: The information and photos in this article were sent to the Foundation by Col. (Ret.) Tom Wakefield.

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