2017 Ethics Symposium Papers

Cyber As This Generation’s Atomic Bomb
Major Terrance S. Allen

Lethal Remotely Piloted Aircraft
Major Corbett Baxter

Secession and Jus Ad Bellum
Dr. Richard Berkebile

The Moral Dimension of Projecting American National Power
Chaplain (Major) Robert M. Farmer

Ethical Implications of Forced Removal (Cherokee)
Major Dorothye Farrar

Syrian Refugee Crisis
Major Joel Funk

The Ethics of ISIS (Conflict and Islam)
Chaplain (Major) Josh Gilliam

A Leader’s Duty in Tragedy and Loss (Moral Obligation to Facilitate Healing through Commander/Survivor Relationships)
Major Francisco Hernandez

Rethinking the Ethical Framework
Major Jonathan Holm

Special Oversight Challenges in National Security Interrogations
Dr. Erik Jens

Individual and National Responsibility To Protect
Dr. Jack Kem

Lethal Targeting on the Conventional Battlefield: An Ethical Argument
Captain Kenneth King

Cyber: Employing Ethically Sound and Trusted Agents for the Future (Millennial Generation)
Major Timothy Middleton

The Commander’s Dilemma: Using Ethical Denial and Deception
Mrs. Kailah Murry

The “Ring of Gyges” Effect: An Ethical Critique of the U.S. Use of the Remotely Piloted Aircraft in Modern Warfare
Captain Matthew Pride

Is the Just War Tradition Good Enough As a Framework for Future Warfare?
Mr. Bruce Roeder

Ethics of Hacktivism
Major Tennille Scott & Dr. Shawn Cupp

Neuroethics Meets Just War Theory: Ethical Issues and the Development of the Third Offset Strategy
Chaplain (Major) Jason Unsworth