Foundation volunteers get personal Walk and Talk tour

Foundation volunteers get personal Walk and Talk tour

On May 10, the CGSC Foundation hosted two community volunteers that have been helping the CGSC Foundation with some of its programs on a “Walk and Talk” tour. Mary Reintjes and Haley Shaw met Foundation President/CEO Doug Tystad, and had a fun tour of post while riding in his California Special Mustang.

Haley Shaw, left, and Mary Reintjes, two of the CGSC Foundation's community volunteers, took a 'Walk and Talk' tour of Fort Leavenworth and CGSC on May 10.

Haley Shaw, left, and Mary Reintjes, two of the CGSC Foundation’s community volunteers, took a ‘Walk and Talk’ tour of Fort Leavenworth and CGSC on May 10.

After driving past the Buffalo Soldiers monument and Grant’s statute, Reintjes and Shaw had the chance to see the beautiful historic brick homes on Fort Leavenworth, including the “Rookery,” which was the home of General MacArthur and his mom Pinky in 1907-1908, and is the oldest continually inhabited home in Kansas. They also learned about the so-called haunted houses of Fort Leavenworth and some of the friendly (and not so friendly) ghosts that still roam within. The tour continued to Otis Hall where Eisenhower lived as a major, and then passed by the old disciplinary barracks which now houses a café and gift shop. Finally, they stopped by the famous and still visible tracks that were carved into the banks by the westward bound wagon trains beginning in the early 1800s. The tracks lead up the hill from the Missouri River into Fort Leavenworth.

The next stop was the Command and General Staff College and the women had the opportunity to see the Fort Leavenworth Hall of Fame, the MacArthur room, and the Eisenhower Auditorium. Tystad explained the history of the beautiful stained glass windows as well as the art that has been gifted to the College by the international students. They were also fortunate in being able to visit a CGSOC electives class that was in session and got to meet some of the military officer-students.

The group’s final stop was the International Officers Hall of Fame display where Tystad explained the significance of the international officer program, and the relationships that are built between international and U.S. officers that can benefit diplomatic efforts in the future. They also learned more about the sponsorship program that cements long lasting friendships between the officers and individuals in the greater Kansas City community.

Contact Joan Cabell, the CGSC Foundation director of development, to schedule your own group’s “Walk and Talk” tour of CGSC and Fort Leavenworth and learn about the education of leaders for the nation. –

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