Local church members participate in Walk and Talk program

Local church members participate in Walk and Talk program

WT-14NOV17-PlatteWoods-UMC-wOn Nov. 14, the CGSC Foundation was delighted to host some of the members of the Platte Woods United Methodist Church on a “walk and talk” visit of Fort Leavenworth and CGSC.

The group began their tour with a scenic drive around Fort Leavenworth taking a close look at the history of the post – the Buffalo Soldier monument, the historic homes, the former disciplinary barracks, and part of the Santa Fe Trail where you can still see the wagon wheel grooves from the settlers who had headed west in the 1800s.

Next on the tour was the visit to the Lewis and Clark Center, home of the Command and General Staff College. As usual, members of the group took the opportunity to visit the MacArthur Room, sit in MacArthur’s chair and get a photo with the portrait of the famous general behind them. They also visited the Hall of Fame, viewed a portion of the art and gift collection given by international officers, and marveled at the beautiful and historical stained glass windows given by previous year’s graduating classes to the College.

After their walk around the building, Foundation CEO Doug Tystad delivered an “Army 101” lecture in the Senator Pat Roberts Room (Senator Roberts was instrumental in obtaining Congressional support for building the new Lewis and Clark Center) to provide the group with an understanding of the importance of education, training, and experience that is required of every military officer and how their year at CGSC fits into that professional career model.

Judy Spinner, one of the participants, said that the group really enjoyed the tour and hoped to bring others back to learn more about Fort Leavenworth and the College.

Contact Joan Cabell, the CGSC Foundation director of development, to schedule your own group’s “Walk and Talk” tour of CGSC and Fort Leavenworth and learn about the education of leaders for the nation. – joan@cgscf.org.

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