Our Programs

Why you should consider supporting the CGSC Foundation

The Command and General Staff College Foundation provides support to the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College (CGSC) that the College itself is not funded for or otherwise capable of providing itself. Your contributions go directly to supporting the programs established and to help develop other programs for future implementation.

Program support provided by the Foundation to the College includes:

  • Annual awards to students to recognize the Master Tactician and the Master Logistician.
  • Annual awards to faculty to recognize the Military Instructor and Civilian Instructor of the Year.
  • Annual award to the recognize the best Master of Military Arts and Science Thesis
  • Research grants for faculty
  • Support to the International Military Officer program
  • General support to the College for programs not supported by appropriated funds
  • Establishment and operation of the Col. Arthur D. Simons Center for the Study of Interagency Cooperation

The CGSC Foundation also has the mission of helping maintain contact with alumni, so being a part of the Foundation allows you to stay connected to the College and its activities in support of developing leaders for the nation. The Foundation operates an alumni outreach website as part of that mission.   Visit the Alumni Outreach website now to register and stay in touch with your fellow alumni.  There’s also a link on the Foundation homepage in the lower right corner.

Support the Foundation today with a contribution to help continue the great legacy that is CGSC.


The CGSC Foundation has been reviewed by the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation, one of the most well-respected, knowledgeable leaders on charitable giving in the nation.