Walk and Talk program highlights post history, student caliber

Walk and Talk program highlights post history, student caliber


On June 1, the Foundation continued its “Walk and Talk” outreach program by hosting a visit from Country Club Bank (Kansas City, Mo.) executives along with the CEO’s from Studdard Moving and Storage (Leavenworth, Kan.) and UltraSource, LLC (Kansas City, Mo.) The “walk and talk” program focuses on educating and informing the public about Fort Leavenworth, CGSC, and the CGSC Foundation.

Foundation CEO Doug Tystad led the group on a tour of the Fort Leavenworth post to familiarize the group with the post’s long history and take a closer look at some of the oldest buildings on the post, which are also some of the oldest buildings in Kansas. After the tour of the post, they arrived at the Lewis and Clark Center, home of CGSC, where Tystad introduced the group to CGSC Chief of Staff Jeff Lamoe. Lamoe briefed the group on details about Army professional education and the importance of the the College in that process. The group also toured the halls of the Lewis and Clark Center where Tystad used the various displays of artwork and the Hall of Fame and International Hall of Fame displays to teach them more about CGSC history.

The last stop on their visit was in a CGSC classroom where Dr. Jack Kem introduced a group of students who were taking an elective course in African studies on the country of Liberia. The group observed the students who were delivering eight-minute presentations on their theses. Dr. Kem required their presentations to be similar to “TED talks” and each was recorded. Their fellow students and the visiting group had the opportunity to ask questions about the presentation topics and what the students had learned about public speaking. The exercise demonstrated the caliber of the professional military education that is provided at CGSC as each student discussed their research as well as some of their own experiences in Liberia.

Contact Joan Cabell, the CGSC Foundation director of development, to schedule your own group’s “Walk and Talk” tour of CGSC and Fort Leavenworth and learn about the education of leaders for the nation. – joan@cgscf.org.

Left to right in the photo above: John Campbell- Studdard Moving and Storage; Steve Kingeter – Ultrasource, LLC; and Country Club Bank executives Mark Thompson, Dean Lanier, Chuck Maggiorotto, Randy Johnson and Vicki Hohenstein.

Photo below: Country Club Bank executives pose for a photo in the “MacArthur Room” in the Lewis and Clark Center during their visit to Fort Leavenworth and CGSC on June 1, 2016. – Left to right: Dean Lanier, Chuck Maggiorotto, Mark Thompson, Randy Johnson and Vicki Hohenstein.


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