ARNSF: The Global Supply Chain and Kansas City

composite image for the Arter-Rowland National Security Forum on Jan. 27, 2022 at 11:30 a.m. at the Carriage Club in KCMO. This text is over a composite image of ships, cargo, airplanes and trucks which are all part of the global supply chain. The subject of this ARNSF is "The Global Supply Chain and Kansas City"

This event is only open to members of the ARNSF. If you are not a member but are interested in joining, contact John Nelson at


In this presentation of the forum, Mr. Keith Prather and Dr. Chris Kuehl, founders and managing directors of Armada Corporate Intelligence, will serve as panelists to discuss the impact supply chain vulnerabilities have on the Kansas City metropolitan area. Prather and Kuehl will be joined on the panel by retired U.S. Army Col. Matthew Dimmick, former White House Advisor and National Security Professional.

With Kansas City as a key technology center as well as a hub for rail, highway, and intermodal transport, the dynamics of the global supply chain have profound effects on the metropolitan area. Panel members will describe the current state of the supply chain, specific vulnerabilities, and its national security implications.

In this interactive forum, panelists will discuss current policies of both the United States and our trading partners. Panelists will explore how the supply chain is continuing to evolve, how nations are trying to shape that change, and the outlook for global supply chain pressures.

Questions about registration? – Contact Lora Morgan, or call 913-651-0624.

For questions about the ARNSF contact Col. (Ret.) Robert Ulin, Simons Center Director, at or call 913-240-1495.

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The Arter-Rowland National Security Forum is an exclusive professional information sharing and networking event exclusively for members of the forum and select invitees of the CGSC Foundation’s Simons Center and the Kansas City Chapter of the Association of the United States Army (KCAUSA), the co-hosts of the Forum.


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