First Army Civilians graduate CGSOC

First Army Civilians graduate CGSOC


Army University Public Affairs – Four Army Civilian Corps employees are the first to complete the Command and General Staff Officers Course at Fort Leavenworth as part of a program promoting Army civilian executive development. The Army’s Enterprise Talent Management program allows Army Civilians in grade GS-13 (GS-12 by exception) to attend the course as part of their professional development. In the photo above, left to right, are the graduates of the CGSOC Class of 2017: Jo Dempsey, Carolyn Prickett, Alfredo Nogueras Vega, and Dr. Charlene Smith.

The program is managed by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) Civilian Senior Leader Management Office and consists of four modules-Leadership Shadowing Experience; Project-Based Temporary Duty Assignments, Executive Leader Development Program and CGSC. Attendance at CGSC is intended to expand participants’ knowledge of the operational and tactical Army and prepare the generating force for challenges of a complex environment.

“I saw attendance at CGSOC as the opportunity to balance my technical expertise as a Safety Officer with military operations and leadership skills required to support our Soldiers and commanders in today’s complex environment,” said Alfredo Nogueras Vega. Carolyn Prickett added. “The course gives a thorough grounding in current operational doctrine in both the joint and Army context. That will give me a better understanding of the requirements of an operational force. It also will help me to understand the uniformed perspectives.  It provided me with plenty of growth opportunities and personal and professional development.  It will add some green to an otherwise totally civilian resume.”

“I better understand the mission, how we as Army Civilians fit into the mission and how I as an individual can make an effective contribution,” added Dr. Charlene Smith, Ph.D.

Jo Dempsey added that having civilians in the class is a plus for the military officers. “I believe that the inclusion of Army Civilian Corps professionals will improve the future relationships between the military and the Civilian Corps.  Many majors have never worked with civilians before and being introduced to them in CGSOC will help prepare them for working with Army Civilians as they move up in rank,” she said.


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