Foundation gift shop now offers regimental bow ties

Foundation gift shop now offers regimental bow ties

Greg Huspodor, Assistant Professor, CGSC Dept. of Military History, models one of the new bow ties offered in the Foundation gift shop.

One of the more popular items in the CGSC Foundation gift shop over the years has been the regimental necktie with the CGSC crest. Recently the Foundation has expanded this offering to include regimental bow ties.

The bow ties are made in England by William Turner & Son, the same company that makes the Foundation neckties. Bow ties are $24 each, plus tax, and a $3 shipping charge for phone orders. Regular neckties (single or multi-crested) are $22 plus tax, and $4 for shipping.

Stop by the CGSC Foundation office and gift shop in suite 1149 of the Lewis and Clark Center (next to the barber shop) or, if you aren’t local, call the Foundation at 913-651-0624 and order yours today.

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One thought on “Foundation gift shop now offers regimental bow ties

  1. Be warned though that you have to tie these yourself, they are not clip ons!! So, for you bowtie purists, these are great. For those of us that have two left hands….. They do look great though.

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