CGSC Security Staff are ‘Persons of the Month’ – August 2018

CGSC Security Staff are ‘Persons of the Month’ – August 2018


The CGSC Foundation has selected the CGSC Security Staff, headed up by CGSC Physical Security Officer Sgt. Wilfred Richards, as the “Persons of the Month” for August 2018.

The CGSC Security Staff is responsible for for overseeing general physical security matters, but that isn’t all according to Foundation Director of Operations Ann Soby.

“The CGSC Security staff goes beyond just providing security,” said Soby. “They are the persons who greet students, faculty members and visitors as they enter the Lewis and Clark Center. When someone enters the building and needs information about a person or a room, the security staff members are the ones who help. If you can’t find a room, person or event, they can locate it for you in minutes.”

In addition to daily activities at the College, the CGSC Foundation also has numerous guests that arrive for the various events hosted by either the Foundation or the College. The Foundation has to coordinate with the security staff consistently to ensure their visitors have the right information and access.

“As all the faculty, staff and students here know, parking is at a premium at the College,” said Soby. “Sgt. Richards and his staff always try to provide our guests with convenient parking – which on any given day can seem impossible! We appreciate what they do and the service they provide.”

“Sgt. Richards and his staff have the unenviable job of opening and closing this building every day that it’s open,” said Foundation President/CEO Doug Tystad. “Theirs is a tough, often thankless job, stretching for hours to keep the building secure, guests informed, parking rules enforced, and order maintained in the building. They do a great job and are always interested in how the Foundation is doing.”

The CGSC Foundation started its “Persons of the Month” to recognize people who contribute to the College and Foundation mission in every way imaginable. Hat’s off to the CGSC Security Staff. – They are truly deserving of our recognition as “Persons of the Month” for August 2018.

PHOTO: CGSC Security Staff members, left to right: Henry Young, security specialist; LaShantay Riddle, security specialist; SGT Wilfred Richards, Physical Security Officer; Ellie Ogletree, security specialist; and Patricia Powell, security specialist. (Not pictured: Jerry Hansen, security specialist; and Bob Blankenship, security manager.)

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