Chiefs Ambassador visits CGSC

Chiefs Ambassador visits CGSC

Lindstrom in the MacArthur Room of the Lewis and Clark Center, one of the staples of the tour of the home of CGSC.

On March 3, Kansas City Chiefs Ambassador David Lindstrom visited Fort Leavenworth in a special CGSC Foundation “walk and talk” visit. Lindstrom’s afternoon started with a tour of Fort Leavenworth which ended back at the Lewis and Clark Center. He browsed through the Hall of Fame, the Commander-in-Chief gallery, and the “MacArthur room” before receiving a briefing from Jim Hevel, CGSC chief of operations. After the briefing he spent time with Dr. Jack Kem in a standard CGSC classroom learning the setup of the classroom and the makeup of the class.

Lindstrom, #71, Defensive End, KC Chiefs, 1977-1986 (photo courtesy

Lindstrom, #71, Defensive End, KC Chiefs, 1977-1986 (photo courtesy

Lindstrom was a defensive end for the Chiefs from 1977-1986. Since then he has stayed involved in civic and community life in Kansas City, including a 10-year stint with the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners as well as his current board member position with Johnson County Community College. As a Kansas City Chiefs Ambassador Lindstrom works with the group to support the KC area communities with local scholarship programs, fundraisers, high school coach and teacher of the year programs, and charity golf tournaments. The ambassadors work alongside the KC Chiefs to promote goodwill throughout the KC area and enjoy helping to maintain the quality of football for the Chiefs fans.

Of his tour of Fort Leavenworth and CGSC, Lindstrom said he “needed to pick up his jaw from the floor” because he could not believe the beauty of the school, the historical significance, and the outstanding staff and faculty that he had met. He said he hopes to bring back more of the Chiefs Ambassadors to learn about it.

Contact Joan Cabell, the CGSC Foundation director of development, to schedule your own group’s “Walk and Talk” tour of CGSC and Fort Leavenworth and learn about the education of leaders for the nation. –

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