Foundation offers multiple ways to donate through the 1881 Legacy Society

Foundation offers multiple ways to donate through the 1881 Legacy Society

While appropriated federal funding is adequate for the infrastructure and operating costs needed to maintain the educational baseline, funds that support and expand the Margin of Excellence in CGSC must come from private resources. Philanthropy, the means of obtaining these private resources, is an essential role for the CGSC Foundation. Through its philanthropic efforts such as the 1881 Legacy Society, the CGSC Foundation helps CGSC produce exceptional leaders capable of dealing with the new environmental and operational challenges of a post-9/11 world. The CGSC Foundation is funded through private donations and its board of trustees is staffed with distinguished retired military leaders, business executives, community leaders and others who are focused on providing the Margin of Excellence to the educational programs of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

As you consider your year-end tax planning or overall estate planning, we hope you will consider making good use of the income tax charitable deduction. Your charitable gifts can significantly reduce your income taxes, while providing meaningful support to the CGSC Foundation and other non-profit organizations.

Visit the Ways to Give page on our site to learn more.

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