History on display in the Foundation’s gift shop

History on display in the Foundation’s gift shop

photo of the World War I display in the CGSC Foundation gift shop.In the CGSC Foundation’s office and gift shop in the Lewis and Clark Center on Fort Leavenworth, there’s a World War I historical display provided by the Kansas City Military Collector’s Club.photo of WWI helmets, bayonets and wire cutters in the CGSC Foundation gift shop.

KCMCC President John Reichley is a former CGSC military and civilian instructor and an avid collector of military artifacts.

“John brought the display in at my invitation,” said Foundation President/CEO Rod Cox. “We’ve been friends for many years, plus he’s also a member of our alumni association. John loves to share his collection with CGSC students and for many years he’s provided displays at various military formal events.”

Cox added that the KCMCC’s displays are a great addition to the Foundation’s gift shop area.photo of WWI uniform patch collection in the CGSC Foundation gift shop

“One of the staples of the curriculum here at CGSC is military history,” Cox said, “and having these displays in our gift shop allows us to add to that educational environment here at the College.”

This is the second historical display the KCMCC has provided to the Foundation Cox said. Foundation visitors and gift shop customers are welcome during normal business hours to see the display.

The KCMCC is a non-profit whose members share a common interest in the military history of all nations and all periods. For more information visit their website at www.kcmcc.org.

Visit the Foundation’s gift shop in the Lewis and Clark Center in Suite 1149 or shop online at http://giftshop.cgscfoundation.org.

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