InterAgency Journal 11-1

InterAgency Journal 11-1

Welcome to this first edition of the InterAgency Journal for 2020. This year marks a milestone anniversary for the Simons Center and the work the Center does in the interagency environment. The Simons Center celebrates its 10th anniversary on April 21.

As is the usual approach in the IAJ, feature articles in this edition take the reader through a variety of topics, including the importance of effective and efficient leadership, why for the Border Patrol decentralized leadership is needed, collaboration in WMD efforts, U.S. inadequacies in bioterrorism response, the importance of moral leadership in detention operations, what we should do in the Nile Valley, the need for partnerships and cooperation in the Artificial Intelligence arena, a case study in strategic irregular warfare, and the importance of Multi Domain Operations in great power competition.

Click the cover image below to visit the Simons Center website and read or download IAJ 11-1 in pdf or epub format.

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