InterAgency Journal 8-1 (Winter 2017)

InterAgency Journal 8-1 (Winter 2017)

In this winter 2017 edition of the InterAgency Journal author Patti Bielling offers a model for better U.S. – Mexico security cooperation; David Anderson offers his thoughts on how to best address future stabilization and reconstruction operations; Ted Thomas and Ira Chaleff address the leadership topic of intelligent disobedience; and George K. Hughes argues that the way to successfully address the era of “do more with less,” is for agencies to share resources rather than spending scarce monies to develop capabilities or contract for services that already exist elsewhere in the government. These thought provoking topics and more are covered in this edition.

The CGSC Foundation’s Simons Center for Interagency Cooperation publishes the InterAgency Journal four times per year.

Click the cover image below to visit the Simons Center website and read or download IAJ 8-2 in pdf or epub format.


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