InterAgency Journal 8-3

InterAgency Journal 8-3

This issue of the InterAgency Journal offers a variety of topics we hope you find interesting and informative. Our lead article is authored by Patricia Ladnier, the 2017 Simons Center Interagency Writing Award winner from the School of Advanced Military Studies at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. In her article, Ladnier addresses the need for changes in laws to allow for better critical infrastructure protection. The next two articles in this edition of the IAJ address security challenges with weapons of mass destruction. Other articles address cyber security, interagency leadership, operational planning processes, civil information management, decision making and finally, how covert operations may be evaluated as successes or failures in advancing U.S. foreign policy goals. – Again, a wide variety of topics across the interagency.

The CGSC Foundation’s Simons Center for Interagency Cooperation publishes the InterAgency Journal four times per year.

Click the cover image below to visit the Simons Center website and read or download IAJ 8-3 in pdf or epub format.


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