No. 26/Spring 2020 (May)

No. 26/Spring 2020 (May)

In this edition we bring you an interview with the new CGSC Commandant, Lt. Gen. James E. Rainey which was conducted prior to the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis. Since our last edition and before the shelter-in-place mandates, we’ve had the opportunity to conduct several events and activities which are highlighted in this edition. We are especially proud to honor the inaugural recipients of our annual competitive scholarship program which we announced online on April 15. We’re also saddened by the passing of our great former board president, Hyrum Smith, in November 2019. We honor him in these pages along with our local Medal of Honor recipients who grace the cover of this edition. Please enjoy this 26th edition of the Foundation News.

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Digital Edition
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Inside this Edition:

  • From the Chairman
  • From the CEO
  • Q&A with the Commandant
  • Pandemic impact on CGSC classes
  • New DC due in summer 2020
  • Tribute to former Foundation President Hyrum Smith
  • Senegal, Trinidad and Tobago officers join International Hall of Fame
  • DJIMO cohosts NSRT
  • 2020 Foundation scholarships awarded
  • Honoring hometown heroes
  • Ambassador Canavan conducts first visit to CGSC
  • InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture Series
  • Simons Center Update
  • TASS Advisory Council Meeting
  • An opportunity to pay it forward
  • Walk and Talk Program Update
  • In Print
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