A message from the Foundation CEO

A message from the Foundation CEO


We need your help to continue our programs in support of the Command and General Staff College.

In 2014, the CGSC Foundation continued its support to:

• Scholarship – enhancing the academic experience.
• Outreach – connecting Americans with the College and their military.
• Soldiers and Family – enriching the lives of our military families.

We believe we will see more opportunities for the Foundation to further its mission in 2015, but most of our programs depend on annual sponsorships and donors. We ask that you please consider supporting the CGSC Foundation as part of your 2014 year-end giving plans.

Our year end giving brochure (2014-End-of-Year-Giving.pdf) with reply card contains more information and offers you a chance to help us enhance the development of leaders for the nation. You can designate how the Foundation uses your gift or allow the Foundation to use the funds as necessary to further our mission.

We look forward to hearing from you and we welcome the chance to talk to you about special programs you are interested in sponsoring. We believe we make a difference and always appreciate your feedback and support.

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays/Happy New Year.

Douglas L. Tystad
Chief Executive Officer
CGSC Foundation, Inc.


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