Exercise Eagle-Owl in its ninth year at CGSC

Exercise Eagle-Owl in its ninth year at CGSC

Two hundred students from the United Kingdom’s Intermediate Command and Staff College (Land) visited the Command and General Staff College March 1-12 for the ninth iteration of Exercise Eagle-Owl.

Eagle-Owl, which began in 2006, is a two-week exercise which is the largest exercise of its kind among two allied nations stressing interoperability and understanding. The exercise is designed to give a shared understanding of U.S. and United Kingdom cultural and procedural similarities and differences, gain experience in brigade-level deliberate planning, and build professional relationships to facilitate future partnerships.

The exercise traditionally ends with a sports day in which the officers compete in various sporting competitions, including golf, skeet, physical fitness, volleyball, softball and soccer.

Read the full story in the Leavenworth Lamp.

See more photos from the Iron Major Competition (physical fitness competition).

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