Foundation board meeting set for Oct. 7-8

Foundation board meeting set for Oct. 7-8

The CGSC Foundation Board of Trustees will conduct their next semi-annual meeting at the Lewis and Clark Center on October 7-8. The board is a very important part of any nonprofit organization as they provide for both financial support and operational oversight for the Foundation. We are fortunate that we have a board of distinguished leaders from both military and industry backgrounds including a number that have vast experience in both.


Chief Executive Officer Doug Tystad addresses the Foundation board of trustees at the March 2015 board meeting.

The lists of Foundation officers and trustees on our website gives you an idea of the breadth of experience and geographic location that our board brings to the Foundation. At the board meeting, you will have an opportunity to meet and talk with our board if you desire. We will have a reception from 5- 6:00 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark Center atrium on the evening of Oct. 7 and we will be conducting our semi-annual meeting from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Arnold Conference room on Oct. 8. Our board looks forward to the opportunity to meet students, faculty, staff and others during these meetings. The feedback you give helps them discharge their duties to the Foundation.

During the meeting, we will be conducting elections for our board membership. A normal trustee term of service is three years and trustees are eligible to serve up to three terms of service. Normally, two terms is considered the norm, but some trustees can be voted to third terms for specific reasons, such as serving as an officer. I will report in this column the results of the election the week after the meeting.

The Foundation is also fortunate that the Command and General Staff College has given us two liaison officers to coordinate our activities within the College. The first is our staff LNO, Mr. Jeff LaMoe, the Chief of Staff. Mr. LaMoe is our interface with the College, CAC, TRADOC and Army leadership on matters pertaining to administration of the Foundation’s support to the College. I work very closely with Mr. LaMoe to make sure that we are following regulations and policies concerning what charitable foundations like ours can do in support of military organizations and the processes we must follow. Mr. LaMoe is more than just an administrative LNO, he is also a mentor and a friend to the Foundation. I have appreciated his wise counsel and advice since becoming the CEO.

We also have a faculty LNO that gives us advice and suggestions, and also helps us maintain our relations with the students and faculty. Mr. Bud Meador, or “The BudMan” as he is affectionately known, from the Department of Military History, has provided invaluable insights, guidance and support to the Foundation. He has vast experience with military educational charitable foundations so we listen when he speaks. – We don’t always do what he suggests but we do listen! The BudMan also has proven to be a staunch ally for getting information to the faculty and students and for bringing us feedback from the College. I appreciate the BudMan’s passion for the College and the students as he advises us on how to make the Foundation better.

I would like to have more student and faculty advisors for the Foundation. If you’re interested, please send me a note or come by to visit. We want the Foundation to provide meaningful support to the mission, so your suggestions and advice help us better support the College.

If you have feedback or want to discuss ideas or learn more about the Foundation, please don’t hesitate to ask or get in touch with me. As I said in one of the last columns, we do have a process for bringing good ideas to the board to get them implemented so don’t be hesitant if you want to suggest how the Foundation can do its job better. I look forward to the opportunity to visit with you.

Doug Tystad
Chief Executive Officer
CGSC Foundation, Inc.

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