CGSCF Board of Trustees

Mr. Farhad Azima, Chairman, ALG Transportation, Inc. [MO]

Lt. Gen. (USAF Ret.) Stanley Clarke, Chairman, Armed Forces Insurance [AL]

Mr. Christopher Nixon Cox, Vice Chairman for Asia, Middle East and Public Policy, Brightsphere Investment Group [NY]

Lt. Col. (USA Ret.) Sandra Doyle, Assistant Professor, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College [KS]

Col. (USA Ret.) William Eckhardt, Teaching Professor Emeritus, UMKC [MO]

Mr. Benny Lee, Chairman/CEO, DuraComm, Inc. [MO]

Mr. Patrick Leis, Director of Operations, Blue Hat Crane & Equipment [KS]

Mr. Terry Lillis, Chief Financial Officer (Ret), Principal Financial Group [IA]

Mr. Michael V. Meyer, Vice President for Programs, Salute to America’s Heroes [KS]

Col. (USA Ret.) Robert Naething, Deputy to the Commanding General, U.S. Army North (Fifth Army) [TX]

Ms. Mary O’Connor, Executive Vice President/Director of Logistics, Country Club Bank [MO]

Maj. Gen. (USA Ret.) Timothy E. Orr, Former Adjutant General, Iowa [IA]

Mr. Frank Ovji, Producer, Arranger and Composer [KS]

Col. (USA Ret.) James Pottorff, General Counsel, University of Nebraska [KS]

Col. (USA Ret.) Pat Proctor, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Wichita State University [KS]

Ms. Leslie M. Schweitzer, President/Chair, Friends of the American University of Afghanistan [D.C.]

Mr. Shane Smeed, Vice President & COO, Park University [MO]

Mr. Scott Smith, former President/CEO, HNTB [KS]

Mr. Gary Vogler, President, Howitzer Consulting [VA]

Brig. Gen. (USA Ret.) Bryan Wampler, Director of Operations, Menlo, Inc. [KS]

Mr. Wesley H. Westmoreland, Chief Financial Officer, Sc2 Corp [MO]

Note: [ XX] is the state of residence


Lt. Gen. (USA Ret.) Robert Arter – Chairman Emeritus

Lt. Gen. (USA Ret.) John Miller – Chairman Emeritus

Brig. Gen. (USA Ret.) Stanley F. Cherrie, VP, Cubic Applications, Inc. [KS]

Col. (USA Ret.) Art Hurtado, Chairman/CEO, Invertix Corp. [VA]

Mr. Mark “Ranger” Jones, Pres./CEO, The Ranger Group [VA]

Col. (USA Ret.) J. Dan McGowan, II, Civilian Aide to the Secretary of the Army, Iowa [IA]

Mr. Harold “Skip” Palmer, former Pres./CEO, Blackhorse Worldwide [KS]

Lt. Gen. (USA Ret.) John Pickler, Former Director of the Army Staff [TN]

Gen. (USA Ret.) William R. Richardson, Senior Associate, Burdeshaw Associates [VA]

Col. (USA Ret.) Willard B. Snyder, U.S. Army, Ret., President, Antaeus Partnership, Ltd [KS]

Brig. Gen. (USA Ret.) William A. West, President, William West Consulting [KS]