Partner Spotlight- Commerce Bank

Partner Spotlight- Commerce Bank


Commerce Bank is selected as the CGSC Foundation Corporate Partner for August 2017.

“The CGSC Foundation is fortunate to have such a great partner in Commerce Bank,” said Joan Cabell, CGSC Foundation director of development. “They have been a great sponsor of our Celebration of International Friendship and our Art of War Initiative.”

Commerce Bank Chairman Jonathan Kemper recently approved the bank’s support of the “Art of War: Gifts of Peace” exhibit at The Box Gallery in downtown Kansas City. The Gallery is funded by the bank and according to Cabell and Foundation CEO Doug Tystad, the gallery went the extra mile to ensure the exhibit was top notch.

“Robin Trafton, the Gallery director, was an absolute hero in setting up this recent exhibit,” said Tystad. “The Commerce Bank leadership’s support of this initiative and Robin’s execution were outstanding.”

During the Art of War exhibit, the Gallery also hosted a leadership panel in which Commerce Bank’s executive vice president and director of Commercial Line of Business Products & Operations Karen Gretkas participated to share her experiences and knowledge about leadership and developing leaders.

“We truly appreciate Commerce Bank’s involvement in our programs to support CGSC,” said Cabell. “It’s been great working with Robin at the Box Gallery and with Vice Chairman Jay Reardon to support other programs. We’ve also hosted a visit to Fort Leavenworth by Executive Vice President Andrew Kaplan, who’s interested in working with the Foundation and the College in developing a leadership program for businesses, which could be a very interesting partnership for us.”

The Commerce Bank of today is the product of a single banking office founded in 1865 in Kansas City plus more than 40 mergers and acquisitions since. With more than 4,000 employees in nearly 190 branches and online services, the bank operates as a “super-community bank” offering an array of financial products and services. For more information about Commerce Bank visit

The CGSC Foundation is proud to spotlight Commerce Bank for their outstanding support of the Foundation and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

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