Partner Spotlight- DuraComm

Partner Spotlight- DuraComm

Duracomm power supplies

DuraComm is selected as the CGSC Foundation’s Corporate Partner for July 2015.

Conducting outreach and fostering strong relationships between the military and the private sector are key components of the Foundation’s mission support to the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College. DuraComm’s support to the “Celebration of International Friendship” program to welcome the college’s international officers and introduce them to the greater Kansas City community in 2014 was key to that effort…and DuraComm has already committed to supporting the 2015 event on Aug. 21.

“Mr. Benny Lee has been extremely supportive of our efforts to broaden Kansas City’s understanding of what Fort Leavenworth and CGSC is all about,” said Foundation CEO Doug Tystad. “His support of our outreach program makes a good program a truly great one.”

DuraComm offers a range of ultra reliable AC to DC switch mode power supplies, DC to DC power converters, battery management and charging systems, power distribution, wind power generators and a host of complementary accessories. DuraComm markets an extensive portfolio of power supplies for a variety of applications and needs – from simple desk top units to sophisticated rack mount battery management systems. In simple terms, one of their main products is a power source system – tabletop or rack-mounted – that converts alternating current from power lines into the direct current that radio or cell tower equipment uses to transmit signals. The product also can monitor electricity, protect other equipment from power surges and power failures or prevent them from interfering with a communications signal.

DuraComm was founded more than 18 years ago and operates from its new Kansas City location at 6655 Troost Ave. For more information, visit

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