Partner Spotlight May 2020 – DACOR

Partner Spotlight May 2020 – DACOR

DACOR logo with textDACOR (Diplomatic and Consular Officers, Retired) located in Washington, D.C., is selected as the CGSC Foundation Corporate Partner for May 2020.

Since 1952, DACOR has been a private organization for foreign affairs professionals fostering networking and frank dialog between diplomatic professionals about current foreign policy matters. DACOR offers its members a range of programs and it sustains and supports community amongst those who have dedicated their lives to Foreign Service through governmental and non-governmental work, research and academia, trade and development, and communications and media.

photo of DACOR's Bacon House in Washington, D.C.

DACOR’s home is the historic mansion called the Bacon House, located at 1801 F St., in Washington, D.C. The Bacon House was built in 1825 and is just two blocks from the White House. The DACOR Bacon House Foundation is the steward of the mansion which includes a museum for diplomacy.

The CGSC Foundation has had a long relationship with the DACOR organization, beginning in 2008 when the two organizations worked together to bring Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann to speak to the CGSC Class of 2008 as part of the Foundation’s Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomacy program.

“From Ambassador Neumann’s lecture entitled ‘Realities of the Interagency’ 12 years ago, to Ambassador Katherine Canavan’s visit in December 2019, and all the other distinguished visiting professors of diplomacy in between that we have had the honor of hosting, we have enjoyed our relationship with DACOR tremendously,” said CGSC Foundation President/CEO Rod Cox. “These Foreign Service professionals bring a perspective and a wealth of knowledge and experience to our students that is invaluable. DACOR’s engagement with our program is indispensable.”

Cox said the Foundation’s DACOR Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomacy is a program designed to bring recently retired senior national security officials to Fort Leavenworth to enhance the curriculum at CGSC and to allow for interaction with area universities and the public. The partnership also allows these professionals the opportunity to speak about foreign policy formulation and implementation, as well as about opportunities for careers in the Foreign and Civil Service. Ambassadors Laura Kennedy, Deborah McCarthy, Eunice Reddick and Katherine Canavan have all been recent DACOR Visiting Professors of Diplomacy who have shared their expertise with CGSOC, SAMS, University of St. Mary, Park University, Kansas University, and Leavenworth High School students and faculty, as well as other civic and philanthropic organizations across the Kansas City Metro area.

“DACOR officials Ambassador Edward Marks, Christopher Webster, Keith McCormick, and George Dragnich have all been instrumental in making our partnership work,” Cox said, “and they continue to select outstanding foreign service officers to represent not only the Department of State but also U.S. Foreign Service and Country Teams abroad.”

The CGSC Foundation is proud to spotlight DACOR for their support of the Foundation and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

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