Partner Spotlight October 2019 – dorMail Gallery

Partner Spotlight October 2019 – dorMail Gallery

dorMail Gallery logodorMail Gallery is selected as the CGSC Foundation Corporate Partner for October 2019.

dorMail has framed gifts and other art pieces needed in the CGSC Foundation’s operations for many years now. Recently, the Foundation has struck a new deal with dorMail to consign some of its collection in the Foundation gift shop, offering a variety of military and home decor prints.

dorMail Gallery is a family-owned business that originally opened in 1972 as a mail order needlework store and later added custom framing and art. Rick and Meredith Roush were not military themselves, but they purchased the business from a retired military couple in 1980. The Roush’s said that Soldiers have always been important to them because Meredith’s father served in WWII, her brother is retired Army and their son is currently serving in the Army at Fort Campbell. They say that being in a military community is important to their family.

Located on Delaware Street in Leavenworth, Kansas, dorMail specializes in custom framing, art, holiday trees and ornaments. They are very popular with CGSC students because of their work in custom framing of CGSC diplomas. dorMail was the first and only framing company to work with the first CGSC Class and print entitled “The Staff Ride” for the 1980-81 class. They are also known all over the world for their creative custom framing of other art and their ability to ship unframed and framed art worldwide.

For more information about dorMail Gallery visit

The CGSC Foundation is proud to spotlight dorMail Gallery for their outstanding support of the Foundation and the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

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