CAC Ethics Instructor Training – Feb. 22-24

CAC Ethics Instructor Training – Feb. 22-24

Welcome to the 2022 CAC Ethics Instructors Training Conference! We are excited for your participation in this event through which your vision for transformational ethics will be expanded and your talents for implementing quality instruction will be challenged. Our community of practice has a mandate to equip the Army’s student officers with moral reasoning and ethical engagement skills as preparation for the decisive engagements they will face on and off the battlefield.

All of you serve in unique capacities and have opportunities and responsibilities to Steward the Profession, Develop Leaders and Drive Change as stated within the CAC Commander’s Lines of Effort. Therefore, our objective is to close the gap between the classroom and the ethical decisions leaders must make in real time by specifically focusing on the development and implementation of ethical decision-making scenarios within field training exercises. This will require you to seriously consider your capabilities to provide internal advisement, conduct mission analysis and embrace the opportunities collaboration with colleagues offers.

On this registration page you will find articles to help you prepare and conceptualize the mission, so take time to read them and reflect. (Read aheads and registration are below)

We are so glad you are a part of this process and may God richly bless our humble efforts as instructors, course writers and servants to our nation’s Soldiers!
For God and Country,
Chaplain (Col.) Michael Jeffries, Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Seth George and Sgt. 1st Class Harold (Bud) Brown




A Brief History of the Army Values (as of 1OCT18)

ADDIE 101 – Introducing ADDIE to Senior Training and Education Leaders
Army University

The Proximity Principle: Army Chaplains on the Fighting Line in Doctrine and History (Read chapters 3 and 5)
by Chaplain (Maj.) Philip A. Kramer, Art of War Papers, CGSC Press, 2015

Applying Mission Command to the Army’s Crucible of Character Development
The U.S. Army Chaplain Corps Journal (CY19 Edition)

Exegeting the Army Ethic: The Two Questions Army Professionals Should Ask Themselves
by Chaplain (Maj.) Jared L. Vineyard, Infantry (Winter 2021-2022)

Can the United States Wage Existential Warfare Without Foundational Principles or Truths?
by Eric Dean, Simons Center Special Report: Ethical Implications of Large Scale Combat Operations, 2019

Ours is to Reason Why: The Ethics of Tactical Risk Assessment in Large Scale Combat
by Trent J. Lythgoe, Simons Center Special Report: Ethical Implications of Large Scale Combat Operations, 2019

“Black Hearts” Case Study: The Yusufiyah Crimes, Iraq, March 12, 2006
Center for the Army Profession and Leadership (CAPL)

Lessons from Yusufiyah – From Black Hearts to Moral Education
by Maj. Saythala Lay Phonexayphova, Military Review (January-February 2016)

The Moral and Ethical Leadership Implications for Close Combat Soldiers in Subterranean Operations
by Anthony Randall, Simons Center Special Report: The Impact of Diverse Worldviews on Military Conflict, 2018

Russia’s Possible Invasion of Ukraine
By Philip G. Wasielewski and Seth G. Jones, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Jan. 2022


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