Our Programs

Why you should consider
supporting the CGSC Foundation

The CGSC Foundation supports the College in three general areas: Scholarship, Outreach, and Soldier & Family Support. Foundation programs are intended to enhance the academic experience for the students, enrich their lives and the lives of their families, and help connect Americans with the College and their military.

Your contributions go directly to supporting the programs established and to help develop other programs for future implementation.

Program support provided by the Foundation to the College includes:

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Scholarship – Enhancing the academic experience

  • Simons Center for Interagency Cooperation
  • Colin L. Powell Lecture Series
  • General Hugh Shelton Distinguished Visiting Professor of Ethics
    and the Annual Fort Leavenworth Ethics Symposium
  • Awards for Academic Excellence
  • Distinguished Speaker Series
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomacy
  • InterAgency Brown-Bag Lecture Series
  • General of the Armies John J. Pershing Great War Centennial Series
  • Vietnam War Commemoration Lecture Series
  • Great Moments in History Lecture Series
  • Faculty and Student Research Grants

Outreach – Connecting Americans with the College and their military

  • National Security Roundtable series
  • Alumni Outreach Website
  • Alumni Association Program
  • The CGSC Foundation Press – Foundation News magazine and more
  • Leader Development Programs
  • Mission Support for the College
  • Staff Ride Program
  • The Arter–Rowland National Security Forum
  • Walk and Talk Program
  • CGSC Foundation Gift Shop
  • Special Programs, Projects and Events – Throughout the years the CGSC Foundation has been asked by the College leadership to support different initiatives pertinent to the times. In addition, the CGSC Foundation has conducted golf tournaments, Distinguished Leadership Award dinner events, the Celebration of International Friendship to honor the new class of international officers, and others. These events offer sponsorship opportunities at different giving levels with each level providing donors unique opportunities to be involved and recognized. They serve as outreach events for both the College and the Foundation.

Soldier & Family Support – Enriching the lives of our military families

  • Ike Skelton Combined Arms Research Library Reading Programs
  • Support to Fort Leavenworth Army Community Services
  • CGSC Foundation Scholarship Program
  • International Military Student and Family Events
  • Operation International
  • Special Programs, Projects and Events – As with other areas of the Foundation’s mission, special needs or initiatives may require support to Soldiers and families of CGSC students and faculty. In the past the Foundation has conducted conferences for women, family workshops, support for resiliency training and programs, and more.

Support the Foundation today with a contribution to help continue the great legacy that is CGSC.