Partner Spotlight for September 2019 – MNJ Emblem

Partner Spotlight for September 2019 – MNJ Emblem

MNJ Emblem, an embroidery design service located in Fort Leavenworth, is selected as the CGSC Foundation Corporate Partner for September 2019.

MNJ Emblem owner Kil Sampson in her shop in the Fort Leavenworth Post Exchange.

MNJ Emblem owner Kil Sampson in her shop in the Fort Leavenworth Post Exchange. (photo by Paige Cox)

Owner Kil Sampson started the business in 1997 in her basement and soon opened a retail store in Kansas City before finally moving to the Fort Leavenworth Post Exchange. She also previously managed locations at Forts Leonard and Riley.

“I think that soldiers are most interested in embroidery designs and have more need for it,” said Sampson. “They like the image and the tradition of embroidery work.”

Sampson’s work has been part of the CGSC Foundation’s offerings in its own gift shop since August. Shoppers can choose between CGSC or Army Management Staff College (AMSC) embroidered polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets and baby onsies. Customers can also request custom orders through the gift shop.

“In the short time we’ve had MNJ’s products in our gift shop, we’ve had several sales,” said Paige Cox, a volunteer with the CGSC Foundation, “and we’ve got more than 22 special orders being produced.”

“We were looking for a supplier for products like these,” said Foundation President/CEO Rod Cox. “And having a local small business like MNJ fill the need for us is an advantage. She does great work and her products add to the unique gifts we offer only through our gift shop.”

Sampson is originally from South Korea and immigrated to the U.S. Virgin Islands in 1978. She ultimately moved to the Kansas City area where she started her business.

“I like the relationship with the Foundation,” said Sampson. “I like the way they try to help the community and I like their mission of supporting soldiers. I look forward to growing together with the Foundation and I’m all for anyway we can help each other.”

The CGSC Foundation is proud to recognize MNJ Emblem as our Corporate Partner of the Month for September 2019.

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