Foundation hosts KC Southern and Sandler Training in Walk and Talk program

Foundation hosts KC Southern and Sandler Training in Walk and Talk program


On June 15, the CGSC Foundation hosted representatives from KC Southern and Sandler Training on a “walk n talk” tour of the post and the College.

Janet Barr, Kevin McCubbins, Lynn Duncan, and Kim Schwab from KC Southern, along with Laura Burmeister from Sandler Training enjoyed an afternoon filled with history, art, and Army 101 education.

The group’s visit began with an “Army 101” briefing from CGSC Chief of Staff Jeff Lamoe. They asked a lot of great questions about the education and training of officers and came away with a newfound respect for the Command and General Staff College. The group then spent several hours touring the Lewis and Clark Center, viewing the Hall of Fame display, the artwork and paintings throughout the building, as well as the International Hall of Fame display. The final part of the Lewis and Clark building tour concluded in the classroom with Dr. Jack Kem. Dr. Kem discussed the curriculum, the makeup of the classes, and the importance of leadership development. Finally, the group toured Fort Leavenworth and viewed the beautiful historic homes, the famous statues of General Grant and the Buffalo Soldiers, as well as the old disciplinary barracks.

The next day Lynn Duncan sent a thank you to Joan Cabell, the Foundation director of development. – “What an awesome afternoon!” she said. “The tour was amazing….everyone should experience that.”

Left to right in the photo above: Janet Barr, Lynn Duncan, Laura Burmeister, Kim Schwab and Kevin McCubbins.

For more info about these companies visit:

KC Southern

Sandler Training


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