Park University reps tour CGSC, Fort Leavenworth

Park University reps tour CGSC, Fort Leavenworth

On July 26, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Richard F. Keller hosted representatives from Park University on a “walk and talk” tour of the Command and General Staff College and Fort Leavenworth. The guests included Roger Dusing, vice president/chief human resources officer, his wife Darla, and Eric Bergrud, associate vice president for external relations.

Left to right: Eric Bergrud, Darla Dusing and Roger Dusing

Left to right: Eric Bergrud, Darla Dusing and Roger Dusing

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Keller is the chairman of the CGSC Foundation’s Senior Advisory Council as well as a member of its executive committee. He is also a member of the Park University board of trustees. Additionally, he serves as the vice president of the 27 Committee, a group of business leaders in the northeast Kansas and northwest Missouri area that advocate for growth and strength of federal government programs and investment in the area.

The group’s first stop was with CGSC Chief of Staff Jeff Lamoe. Lamoe provided the group with an Army/CGSC “101” briefing, explaining the career progression of Army officers and the importance of not only education, but also training and experience as each officer rises through the ranks. He also discussed how CGSC and the Army works with interagency partners and the international officers program.

After the briefing the group toured the Hall of Fame, the MacArthur room, and the International Hall of Fame before heading over to the Frontier Conference Center for lunch and a discussion of the economic impact of Fort Leavenworth.

The final part of the tour included visits to the historical sites of Fort Leavenworth including the National Cemetery, the historical homes including where Gen. MacArthur lived, and the Santa Fe Trail where the grooves of the wagon wheels can still be seen on the side of the hill.

Contact Joan Cabell, the CGSC Foundation director of development, to schedule your own group’s “Walk and Talk” tour of CGSC and Fort Leavenworth and learn about the education of leaders for the nation. –

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