5-Star Generals Commemorative Coin project underway

5-Star Generals Commemorative Coin project underway

Since it was signed into law on Oct. 8, 2010, the 5-Star Generals Commemorative Coin Act has generated much activity for the CGSC Foundation.  In May 2011, Bob Ulin, Foundation CEO, and Maria Koreckij, the newly appointed Chief Administration Officer & In-House Counsel for the Foundation, visited Washington, D.C., to meet with the products and design managers for the U.S. Mint.  Together with those managers, the Foundation will be coordinating and developing the various designs of and the marketing strategies for the three-coin commemorative issue.

While visiting Washington, D.C., Ulin and Koreckij also had the opportunity to sit in on the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) meeting that reviewed the candidate designs for the 2012 National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center Commemorative Coin.  This meeting afforded them with valuable insights about the review process for the Foundation’s candidate designs with the CCAC next spring.

The Foundation is currently participating in collaborative efforts on the design of the coins with the U.S. Mint and has provided a number of photographs of the five star generals for their artists to use in the design process.  The initial design process generally takes about six weeks, after which time the Foundation will receive a packet of designs for review.  Based on the Foundation’s recommendations, the designs will then be refined by the artists at the Mint and presented to the CCAC and the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts for their review.

“While much work still remains, we are very excited to have officially kicked off this coin program,” said Koreckij.  “More details on the coin designs and marketing strategies will be forthcoming as the date nears for the coins official release to the public.  Events already in the works include an unveiling ceremony for the final coin designs tentatively planned to be held in October 2012 in Washington D.C. and at Fort Leavenworth.”

“This coin program remains our top priority,” said Foundation CEO Bob Ulin.  “The sale of these commemorative coins in 2013 will generate the funds necessary to complete our capital campaign and position the Foundation to develop and sustain meaningful, long-term programs in support of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.”


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2 thoughts on “5-Star Generals Commemorative Coin project underway

  1. Thanks very much for putting up this information.

    When do they expect that the designs will be available to view? Hopefully you place up another article to show us as soon as they are available!

    • Not sure at this point when the designs will be complete…but as we understand it will be late in 2012…and we will definitely provide more information as we travel the path.

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