Art historian tours halls of the Lewis and Clark Center

Art historian tours halls of the Lewis and Clark Center

Kansas City artist and art historian, Todd Weiner (Todd Weiner Gallery) and his team visited the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College March 2 as part of the CGSC Foundation’s outreach programs. Wes Westmoreland, a friend of the Foundation and great nephew of the late Gen. William Westmoreland, coordinated the visit and introduced the group to the Foundation and the College.


Meghan Dohogne, Todd Weiner, and Danielle Hammond from the Todd Wiener Gallery in Kansas City pause for a photo in the Gen. MacArthur room during their visit to the Lewis and Clark Center March 2. – photo by Joan Cabell, CGSC Foundation Director of Development

The group’s visit began with an informational briefing about the College from CGSC Chief of Staff Jeff LaMoe. Mark Monroe, a seminar leader at the Army’s University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies located on Fort Leavenworth, joined the group. Monroe uses use art as a vehicle for critical and creative thinking. Jim Henderson, the caretaker of CGSC’s art collection, also accompanied the group.

After the orientation, Foundation CEO Doug Tystad led the group on a tour of the Lewis and Clark Center, home of CGSC, with an emphasis on learning all about the “Commander in Chief Gallery,” the paintings that each CGSC class donates, as well the gifts of art given by the international students.

Weiner’s group was very impressed with all of the varied artwork the College has on display and plans to visit again to spend more time surveying it to offer recommendations for displays, as well as restoration of some of the paintings.

For more information about the Todd Wiener Gallery visit

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