Graduation draws near…

Graduation draws near…

CGSC Foundation Alumni, Friends, and Supporters –

NSRT logo and dates over a group photo of the leaders, guests and student escorts in front of the Lamp of Knowledge at the entrance of the Lewis and Clark Center on Fort Leavenworth on April 18, 2023.Greetings from Fort Leavenworth! As we near the end of the 2023 academic year, our Foundation continues to support the CGSC and its mission of leader development.

We just completed our first NSRT since 2019 (due to COVID-19 restrictions) with more than 40 participants engaging with senior leadership, faculty, and students. The NSRT provided a wonderful opportunity for business and community leaders to learn more about the College and Fort Leavenworth as well as to engage in thoughtful dialogue with national security practitioners on matters of importance to our nation. The NSRT also yielded a great opportunity for connections at the personal level – as many in the civilian community have little or no personal acquaintance with service members.

Dr. Shannon French

Dr. Shannon E. French

We successfully partnered with the Combined Arms Center to support an in-person Ethics Train-the-Trainer conference here at Fort Leavenworth. The Foundation provided the expertise of the CGSCF General Hugh Shelton Visiting Chair of Ethics, Dr. Shannon French, along with two other subject matter experts, to support the training. Likewise, we co-sponsored with the CGSC Ethicist to host the 2023 CGSC Ethics Symposium. This year’s symposium was conducted as a CGSC elective course with students conducting research and writing papers on various topics of the applicability of Just War Theory in a Large-Scale Combat Operation (LSCO) environment.

I am pleased to announce that our 2023 CGSCF Alumni Association Scholarship awards program was our largest to date. We doubled the size of this year’s applicant pool and have been able, thanks to your support and our partnership with Park University, to provide scholarships to twelve high school and college students. Our program of assisting military families with college costs continues to grow each year. Thank you for supporting this effort.

As we prepare for the graduation of the Classes of 2023, we look forward to partnering with the College to reward academic and professional excellence by providing meaningful mementos and awards to those students who have excelled. We expect all graduation ceremonies this year to be open to the public and encourage you to go the CGSC website for information on the various dates and locations of each event.

Please watch for the latest issue of the Foundation News magazine coming to your mailbox or posted online soon. Our spring issue will once again feature articles from the College leadership as well as activities and events here at the College supported by our Foundation. Alumni are encouraged to keep us all informed about important events in your life by submitting updates for publication.
I invite you to visit our Simons Center website and consider becoming a Simons Center Fellow. We have some new and exciting events and activities planned and I encourage you to check out the benefits of being a SC Fellow.

Your continued support is very important and much appreciated. Our Foundation makes a positive difference in the educational experience and leader development of those serving our country at CGSC and beyond. Thank you.

Stay safe.

Roderick M. Cox
President/Chief Executive Officer
CGSC Foundation, Inc.

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