Congratulations to our incoming President/CEO

Congratulations to our incoming President/CEO

I want to congratulate and welcome our incoming president and CEO, Rod Cox. The board selection committee chose wisely and I believe the Foundation will be in good hands going forward. Rod and I have worked together for nearly three years now and I appreciate his talent, energy, enthusiasm, and passion for the mission of the Simons Center and the Foundation. We will be conducting an orderly transition in order to propel the Foundation into the future.

Col. (Ret.) Doug Tystad, outgoing Foundation president/CEO, congratulates Col. (Ret.) Rod Cox on his selection as the third president/CEO of the CGSC Foundation. Cox will assume duties from Tystand Dec. 14.

Col. (Ret.) Doug Tystad, left, outgoing Foundation president/CEO, congratulates Col. (Ret.) Rod Cox on his selection as the third president/CEO of the CGSC Foundation. Cox will assume duties from Tystad Dec. 14.

After 28 years in the military, 13 years in for-profit corporate management, and now five years in the non-profit world, it is time for me to move on and allow someone with youthful energy (relatively speaking of course) take on the mantle of leadership. I had announced my retirement intentions to the board in August 2017 and confirmed those intentions at the February board meeting, which started the CEO Selection Committee process. I believe that planning for a seamless transition is one of the final obligations I have to the Foundation and so I gave as much notice as possible to the board. Continuity of operations is important for any organization and our Foundation is no different. – We needed to have a plan and a path forward.

I was particularly pleased with the way the board, through the selection committee, conducted the process in a fair and transparent manner. We had high quality candidates, any of which would have been successful in the position. Importantly, the full board applauded the decision of the selection committee so we know we have a strong bond between the board and Rod from the outset.

The Foundation will move forward, of that I’m sure. But, I have to make another plea to our supporters not to let down in your gifts. – We need your help. We are having an offsite fundraising event on Oct. 25 at one of the two Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Kansas City. Please come out and join us. There will be food, conversation, history, and fine architecture for you to partake while you support the continued financial success of the Foundation. You can find additional information on this website about the event. I hope to see you there!

I will make my more formal farewell comments prior to my departure on Dec. 14. Let me say however that this job has been one of the most important and most rewarding positions in my 46 years of adult working life. The students, faculty, staff, trustees, and community have filled me with a joy for life and provided the energy to drive the Foundation to success. I’m going to miss many things, but I’m also looking forward to spending time with Val as we begin this next phase of our lives and enjoy the fruits of our many years of labor. I will remain a faithful and lifelong supporter of the CGSC Foundation mission as I hope you will as well.

Doug Tystad
President/Chief Executive Officer
CGSC Foundation, Inc.

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One thought on “Congratulations to our incoming President/CEO

  1. Doug, you are irreplaceable, and I am sure Rod will find his own groove. Both of you are unique individuals with high ideals.
    Let me know when you are ready to rock n roll with new Rotary responsibilities. For instance on Nov. 14 new Chancellor Doug Girod is scheduled to speak at our Rotary luncheon meeting. He asked for a list of those who might attend, and since we do not send rosters I am speaking with individuals to see if I may include their name on a list of planned attendees. May I list your name? Thanks in advance.


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