InterAgency Journal 13-2

InterAgency Journal 13-2

The fall 2023 edition of the InterAgency Journal opens with three articles that focus on the Asian-Pacific region discussing U.S. national strategy, China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and the U.S. approach to engaging its partners and allies. Then, in the light of the recent political events, Simons Center Senior Research Fellow Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Bob Caslen addresses the appropriateness of retired flag officers participating in public discourse.

This edition also features selected articles from Command and General Staff College students who participated in our Interagency Writing Award Competition. Major Chinedu Chickwe of the Nigerian Army discusses how his country is addressing the complexities of border security. The issue concludes with a discussion of the U.S. approach to limited war and a review of Simons Center Senior Research Fellow Ambassador (Ret.) Ed Mark’s most recent book.

The Simons Center thanks you for being a reader of the InterAgency Journal and looks forward to any feedback you have on the Journal or the other various programs.

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