InterAgency Journal 14-1

InterAgency Journal 14-1

The spring 2024 edition of the InterAgency Journal begins with the first of a two-part article discussing key considerations in the Department of Defense’s of the move towards “electrifying” its operations. This first part explores the issues surrounding the vulnerability of our supply chain of rare earths and strategic metals. The second part of this article, to be published in the next edition of the IAJ, will focus on the Army’s strategy to deploy electric strategies.

The next article explores how FEMA should consider revisions to the National Response Framework National Incident Management System in a world where our competitors may leverage disasters and asymmetric threats to their advantage. And in keeping with the disaster theme, we have an article that provides an overview of an in-depth study on the effectiveness of the leadership of World Health Organization Directors General that provides insights into the characteristics and qualifications needed for success in senior interagency leadership positions.

Also in this edition, a returning author, Major Chinedu N. Chikwe of the Nigerian Army, describes the challenges his country faces combatting counterinsurgency in ungoverned spaces and offers a series of recommendations likely applicable to future U.S. counterinsurgency efforts.

Finally, this issue concludes with in-depth reviews of two extremely poignant books: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine, by David Petraeus and Andrew Roberts, and The Ethics of Special Ops, by Deane-Peter Baker, Roger Herbert and David Whetham.

The Simons Center thanks you for your interest in ethical leadership and interagency cooperation and for being a reader of the InterAgency Journal. We look forward to any feedback you have on the Journal or the other various programs.

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