No. 2/Winter 2007 (March)

No. 2/Winter 2007 (March)

Thanks for your support of the CGSC Foundation News. It’s our pleasure to bring you this second edition of our publication and the first “Annual Report” for our Foundation. Those of you who read our first edition of the News will notice that we’ve changed our format from a traditional newsletter to a magazine format. By making this change we not only create new opportunities for editorial content, we’ve also created the opportunity to sell advertising to offset the costs of printing and distribution. Like our students at CGSC we’re constantly striving to adapt to our environment and we will continue to look for ways to better serve you, the constituents and friends of the Foundation, as well as current and former students of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

Inside this Edition:

FoundationNews(No2-Winter07)click to download pdf
  • The Year in Review
  • Fort Leavenworth and Combined Arms Center Commander selected as next Commander to lead troops in Iraq
  • CGSC Foundation Annual Report 2006
  • Photoflash
  • In Memoriam
  • The Added Value of Military Training and Leadership
  • Corporate Spotlight— Association of the United States Army
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