Cold War Symposium – Nov. 9

Cold War Symposium – Nov. 9

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The CGSC Foundation’s Simons Center invites the public to attend the inaugural presentation of the Cold War Symposium dinner event at 6 p.m., Nov. 9, at June’s Northland in Leavenworth, Kansas (614 Pottawatomie St.).

The purpose of the Cold War Symposium is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the end of the Cold War, to promote scholarship, and to recognize the contributions of those who participated in that global struggle, especially the United States and its allies in NATO.

This first event in the series will provide an overview of the symposium series which will extend over four months via virtual presentations by experts in a panel discussion format. The completion of the symposium will result in publication of a book, edited by Dr. Mark Wilcox, CGSC associate professor, with chapters written by the panel experts.

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For questions, contact Col. (Ret.) Bob Ulin at or 913-240-1495.

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