2023 Ethics Symposium Archive

The 2023 CGSC Military Ethics Symposium was conducted April 20-21, 2023.

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The 2023 theme:

Revision or Revival?
Examining Just War Theory in Context of the Ukraine-Russia War and its Implications for Organizational-level Leaders
in 21st Century Large-Scale Combat Operations

The Ukraine-Russia war is the first instance of large-scale combat operations in Europe since the end of WWII and thus presents a critical opportunity for military professionals to examine the applicability of Just War principles to 21st century warfare and the ethical considerations that emerge within the complexity of multi-domain operations.  Therefore, we are asking: what is the relationship between adherence to Just War principles, ethical leadership at the organizational level, and strategic military effectiveness?

Symposium Context:
Given the current JPME emphases on MDO and LSCO, war crimes committed in the current Russia-Ukraine conflict, and in support of CGSOC PLOs 2, 3, and 6, TLO-CC-1, and TLO-AOC-10

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2023 Ethics Symposium Program Overview (as of 10APR23)

Symposium Agenda (as of 11APR23)

Speaker Biographies

Read Aheads

The Ethics of Cyber War in Ukraine: A Consideration of the Ethics of Small-Scale Conflict without Arms
Chaplain (Maj.) Robert Cox

Democratized Intelligence
Mad Scientist Laboratory Blog Post 405

Civilian Harm Mitigation and Response Action Plan
U.S. Department of Defense

The Just War Tradition in a Modern LSCO Environment: A Maneuverist Perspective of the Russia-Ukraine War
Chaplain (Maj.) Stehen Echols and Maj. Austin Schwartz

Code of the Warrior – Chapter 10 – The Warrior’s Code today: Do We Need New Ethics of War?
Dr. Shannon E. French

The Military Necessity of Ethics
By Dr. Shannon E. French and Dr. J. A. French Flint

Divergent Ethics: Facing a Foreign Partner Who Has a Different Moral Code
Lt. Col. Pete Kilner

Just Large-Scale Combat and Civilian Casualties
Dr. Pete Kilner

I live, I fight, I win! – Rules of life in war

Civilianization of Digital Operations: A Risky Trend
Dr. Kubo Macak and Mauro Vignati

Protection of Civilians: A Constant in the Changing Security Environment
Dr. Karolina MacLachlan

What Were You Thinking: Discovering Your Moral Philosophy Using the Forensic Approach
Richard McConnell and Evan Westgate

Military Intelligence Ethical Dilemmas in Large Scale Combat Operations
Chaplain (Maj.) Robert M. Miller