National Security Roundtable program set for April 4-5

National Security Roundtable program set for April 4-5

The CGSC Foundation is supporting a National Security Roundtable event hosted by CGSC’s School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) at the Lewis and Clark Center, April 4-5.

Participants in the NSRT program are typically a mix of private sector business leaders, academia, civic leaders and other influencers from communities around the country. The NSRT program is intended to help foster a mutual understanding between the business community/private sector and the Army and the College, develops a greater awareness and appreciation for the competence of the students and faculty, highlights the role that Fort Leavenworth and the College play in the education of the Army, other services and the international community, and exposes the officer-students to a broader spectrum of thoughts and ideas.

Attendance is by invitation only. Contact the Foundation for more information.

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